You are just a thought 

Suppose if I tell you, that you are not more, than just a meer thought of your mind, then would you believe me? 

I mean, i could try my best to make you believe the same.. And here’s how.. 

Now considering the fact that you have a body, which is something you were born with, and you acknowledge it as your own, i would like to ask you a question.. 

Does this body actually belong to you? I mean, this body that you acknowledge as your very own, is it actually your’s? Did you create it yourself? 

The answer is NO

You were blessed with it right? Whatever you might call it as, maybe nature or God who blessed you with it.. 

So now the question is that how can you call something as your own, that you didn’t even create yourself? 

Now considering that the body isn’t your’s, then what is it, that is a part of you? That you call “ME”… It’s just the thought that you think of, to describe yourself.. Thats the real you.. 

You are just a thought, created by the mind belonging to the brain that you were blessed with, by God or nature, as you might call it.. 

You are not what you see yourself as, you are what you think yourself to be.. 

What belongs to you, is not your body, but your thought… And hence you are just a meer thought..