Smile Please.. 

Have you ever come across people, who always have a smile on their face whenever you happen to look at them? That smile is somehow the best smile.. I don’t know how, but even looking at such people makes you feel better.. It just puts you in a good mood.. 

I always wonder how someone can manage to keep a smiling face all throughout the day… Don’t they have problems in life? Don’t they get sad when things don’t go their way?.. 

Or may be they smile because they know that they could deal with all the problems without letting their smile, vanish of their faces… 

I wish we all could learn to smile and just keep smiling to wave off our hard times.. 

I realised, as a physical therapist, I could use my smile as a modality to relieve my patient’s anxiety, apprehension, fear and tensed feelings.. Infact this is what has helped me treat them better.. 

So try to find a reason to smile and make others smile..