Time changes everything..

They say time changes everything.. Yes indeed it does.. It changes Not just the things around you, but sometimes the people around you..

I honestly have lost people who meant the most to me.. And by lost I mean they are physically there but mentally, not there.. Why do i say so..?

This is something I am sure we all face, as time passes by people change, their priorities change, the time they spent with you is replaced by others.. Isn’t it..? But honestly speaking you can never control anyone else’s life.. People change, let them.. I know it hurts, we are humans after all.. But then you know they say.. What goes around comes back.. So your job is to let go people.. Let them loose.. People who really want to stay, will never leave.. And these are the kind of people worth keeping around..

And the ones who don’t will surely come back one day, the only difference being that day you will be the one that won’t care.. You would have moved on.. You know why? Cause time changes everything…

And what goes around comes back..


Life is a drama

The Life your living is a drama.. All around, you find people trying to be who they aren’t.. Its almost like they are selling themselves to you, for you to accept them for what they are trying to be.. 

          Infact the best part about the drama, are the actors taking part.. These days, the time you spend talking to people makes you realise, how great an actor they are.. I mean hats off to them.. The way they portray each and every emotion, to make people believe it to be true is commendable.. You have people lying to you, to make you believe its true.. You have people trying to bond with you just for some added benefit from you.. 

       Today when I encounter such people, it really gets on my nerves.. I always ask myself, why do such people even exist? I hope to find an answer to this question.. 

        But the one thing that I learnt from such people was how to not be someone like them.. This is indeed one of the most important lessons of my life.. 

People are teachers..

Out of those many people you would meet in your life, some would be those whom you would wish to never have met..

But guess what, we need to realise that we all are a product of what happened and who made it happen.. Consider something bad that happened to you, that you wished never happened.. Now the fact that it happened, made you the way you are today.. Isnt it? 

For instance, someone who betrayed your trust, made you such that now you don’t trust people easily.. Well that’s gud .. Because now you wouldn’t really get fooled by someone in future like you did in your past.. 

Trust me each and every person you meet has something to teach you, it depends on you, if you make it a point to learn something from them or not.. 

I know it hurts, but you see you cant learn to ride a bicycle, unless you fall and get hurt.. Its just a part of life and we need to accept it gracefully.. 

Some people teach you what to do, and some what not to… 

Your job is to take your lesson, after all life is a lesson taught by people as teachers ..