Be a human

One of those things that makes me proud of myself is the fact that I was brought up in a way that taught me to be modest, honest, caring and helpful.. And I thank my parents for that.. 

Today when I look around , I realise that being all of this, are qualities to be less found.. Its just so rare.. 

Growing up as an introvert, people always considered my way of keeping quiet as being egoistic and arrogant.. People judged me from my background to be someone who was too proud of who she was.. The truth being far away from what they thought.. 

But the best thing was, that when people used to come up and speak to me, they used to get to know the real me.. Most of the times, I used to have people telling me, that they realised me to be completely different than what they thought of me to be.. 

Hearing to all those good words they used, to describe me, made me feel good about myself, but I never realised the importance of that.. As I grew older, surrounding myself with new people I realised I had qualities that were no where to be found.. 

People were egoistic, disrespectful, selfish and dishonest.. I’m happy I wasn’t brought up this way.. This is what made me realise the importance of the way I was brought up.. And I’m grateful to God for the kind of parents I have.. They taught me to be a good human.. They taught me to respect everyone, be it whoever, rich or poor, elder or young.. They taught me to be selfless, helping others going out of my way, they taught me to be caring, they taught me to be honest.. And one of the most important things, they taught me the way to be humble.. Today, these are the qualities that make me suit my profession.. 

I can’t thank GOD enough for blessing me with such parents.. My parents are who taught me to grow, with my feet, still in touch with the ground.. 

 They are who, made me, ME..