Finally a successful senior.. 

Just Yesterday, I stepped into the ward to check on a patient I had been treating a few weeks back.. 

      Reported to the senior, and he was happy to see me there as always.. He knew, i had been coming, just to check on my patients.. And he respected that.. So much so that, I got a text from him saying, he was happy to see me there, keep it up.. Those words of appreciation were worth everything I did.. 

After treating some new patients, to help him out, and checking on my old patients, and finally finishing it off with an entry, I turned around to see something that made me my day.. It was the exact same thing, that made my senior happy.. 

I turned around, and saw my junior who had assessed the same old case along with me, standing there at the patients bed, just to see how he had improved.. 

That moment for me was an amazing one, because now I knew I had been successful as a senior.. If I could inculcate those same values in my junior, to keep a check on the patients improvement, i had achieved it.. I had now been able to bring into existence a new gonna be physical therapist, who cared.. 

It makes me proud everytime, I see my juniors learn, what I try to teach them.. I teach them what no one taught me, what I learned by myself, with the expectation that would bring out the best in them and they would pass it on to their juniors in the same way as I did.. 

That day seeing her do, what I had been trying to teach her not with words but with my actions, I felt the same, what maybe my senior had been feeling, when he saw me doing the same.. 

It was a moment of achievement.. Today, I would like to thank my senior for appreciating my efforts and my junior to make them of worth.. Now I can make sure i have my profession in safe and responsible hands.. 

Well maybe, most of you might be thinking of who actually the senior or the junior is..? Well, wait and watch, just their actions would define them, more than words.. 


Why do i care? 

   Often people ask me, why do I go to the wards and check upon my patients regularly.. They ask me, do you get emotionally attached to your patients? And honestly I prefer to keep quiet, and let the silence answer this one.. 

   Well the truth is, its not about getting attached to a particular patient, its about caring enough about the patient you’ve been treating in the hospital for a while.. Its about checking on how their improving.. It makes me feel good to see my patients improve.. And it isn’t a sin, right? 

   It’s not about, being emotionally weak, that makes me feel my patients pain, its about me being a human.. The fact is that I’m not just a therapist, but also a human.. I agree to the fact, that getting deeply involved with a patient, so much so that, it starts affecting my personal life, isn’t a good thing for me.. But for me, it’s just that i care.. And I still have a personal life, trust me.. And guess what? This is exactly, what has helped me gain respect for that white coat that I wear.. It was never for those marks that I achieved, it was never for the treatment I gave, it was just the way I made them feel, I cared.. 

    Infact whatever I do for my Patients makes me worth their rememberance.. And this is the most precious thing for me.. If my patients could remember me for how much I cared for them, in times of their need, it makes me a successful therapist.. Thats all I know.. 

    I don’t know why, people fail to realise that a patient would understand your ability of being a great medical professional on the basis of their(patients) own knowledge.. And their knowledge is very limited in terms of their right treatment.. No matter what treatment I give, the patient would always judge me only on his/her own knowledge..

     Every therapist learns the same things and has the same amount of knowledge, leading them to get their degrees, right? 

    The question is, then why do patients prefer a particular therapist, to get themselves treated? 

   The reason is, it’s not the treatment, but the way you treat and care for the patient, that helps them judge how good you are at your job, because this is exactly the extent to what their knowledge is limited to, and that is what makes you worth their rememberance.. 

     And this is why, i check on my patients regularly, to let them know, someone cares.. And this is something they would remember me for, not for the treatment.. 

     Most of the times patients and relatives complain that no one listens and no one cares, and when I do, they value it.. I give my patients what they need.. And that’s all, that is required for them to feel better.. 

    This is what I want my patients to feel, and this is what defines my worth as a therapist in my patients mind.. That is all I care about.. 

    Where people belong to a profession same as that of mine, where the patient is the main priority, a question as such could still arise? 

    Why do you check on your patients regularly? Well because, MAY BE THATS MY JOB… 

Why GOD??

         Growing up I realised, that you really need to have someone, you could always trust, no matter what. For me that someone happens to be GOD.. 

        Life happens to be so secure, to know you have GOD to look after you, to keep you away from any harm… The best part about trusting GOD completely, is that you know, you would always be on the right path, even if you happen to stroll over the wrong one, you will be pulled back on track..

           As I was growing up I always saw people pray religiously everyday, but fail to keep up the faith.. People, prayed for what they wanted, and when they didn’t recieve it, they gave up their belief, that he exists.. They remembered him, only in times of their needs.. Blamed him, for everything bad that happened with them.. And I always wondered why so..? 

           I don’t know why, people fail to realise that we are humans not animals.. We have been given a brain, to “think”  and “find solutions” to solve the problems of our “own” lives, that we “ourselves” create for our own. So now, the question is how can we blame God for every problem of ours that we ourselves created for our own? 

          Funny are people, who cry over things that didn’t happen according to, how they wanted them to be, failing to realise, that things didn’t happen their way because “their way”, wasn’t the “right way”.. Why would God want something bad for you? Can you even think of any answer, to this question? 

        A relationship that didn’t last long, a job that you were rejected for, the car you wanted to buy, but you couldn’t, the ill health of someone in your family… Is GOD the one supposed to be blamed for everything? 

         I mean if your relationship didn’t last long its either your or your partners fault not God’s.. God didn’t tell you to choose that particular person as your partner, it was your decision.. If your partner did not realise your importance, in his/her life its their loss and their mistake, not God’s.. So how is even God responsible for it? 

        The job for which you were rejected is the result of you lacking something, that the job demands.. For what, is God being blamed for.. Is he going to work hard for you, to become and have what you want? The answer is no.. 

          The one thing that you always dreamt of buying but you couldn’t, isn’t the reason to blame god for… If “you” want something for “yourself”, you yourself need to stop dreaming and start working.. God doesn’t drop things down from heaven you see..

           When people fall ill, its not because God wanted them to, its because they themselves never valued their health.. No one takes into consideration, the way, they have been living their lives, maybe smoking and drinking all day long, not exercising regularly, knowing that what they’re doing is injurious to their health.. But still, people themselves, choose their way of life, isnt it? Then for what is God being blamed for?   

          The question is, if you decide everything for yourself, you take all the decisions for yourself, then why is God responsible for everything..??

          It’s very funny you know how people give themselves the credit for their achievements, their success, their six pack abs and their wealth they possess, they never say I could get my six pack abs because God helped me, they never say God helped me become wealthy.. WHY SO..?

         I mean if God is the reason for all the misery in your life, why isn’t he a reason for all the good that happens to you… If he is the one you remember to blame for all your unhappiness, then why isn’t he the one you remember to praise for all the happiness? 

         Again the question is.. Why so? 

         All the good and bad that happens, in your life is because of you yourself..  Learn to take responsibility of your actions, and stop blaming God for everything… 

        If you can’t thank him for all Good, don’t even dare to hold him responsible for your bad..