Who was she? 

As always, she stepped into the ward and reported to her senior.. The senior said could you just treat the patient on bed no. 9? Yes of course, why not.. As she walked towards the bed, she saw the patient lying on the bed with the leg covered.. She knew it was a case of celluilitis.. 

She read the file and asked him, his complaints.. By his side, stood his wife answering all the questions.. She then said to the patient, lets get started with some exercises.. The patient agreed.. She kept asking questions answering which the wife started sobbing, complaining about all the problems.. Listening carefully to what the wife said, she replied.. Its okay it happens.. She knew well, that the patients wife needed someone who could listen.. And then there was a new speaker, it was the patient himself, for the first time, he finally opened up, to tell what all he had been feeling.. And now she listened even more carefully, which made her realise that the patients problem was in his mind.. He wasn’t stressed about his impairment, but about how he would be dealing with it.. 

      She made it her point, to make him realise how she could help him deal with his problem, listening to what, he felt content.. She then left saying, i want you to remember and do all that has been told.. 

      Next day, when she walked towards him, she saw him smiling, she knew, she was rendering the right treatment.. She asked him how do you feel, he said alot better.. She then said, i would like to see how well you remember the exercises taught. Before she could, move on, the patient said madam, I wanted to ask a question.. Yes of course, she said, go on.. He said, mam is it okay if i have a bath, as i am a bit apprehensive about the water entering the wound.. She replied, asking what was told to him by the medical professional, and he said, yes the doctor has told me have a bath, but I thought I should ask you once.. 

       Those words asking for her permission, for a query small as such, inspite of the authority, higher than her, telling him what to do, left her with nothing to speak.. She tried her best, to make him understand that he should be doing whatever he was told to do, by the doctor, without any hesitation.. 

       There she stood infront of that patient wearing that white coat, with a mindset and a badge of just a 2nd year Bpth student.. She was now,  being compared to a MD(Doctor of Medicine) by profession.. 

       She knew well that her knowledge at that level of education was not even worth the comparison.. But the way she portrayed the values of humanity was worth all the respect she was endowed with.. 

      That day she was enlightened by the fact that the respect she received was not for the white coat she wore, but the attitude she bore.. 

      Now, she knew the reason of her patients compliance.. It made her happy to see her patient remember all that was told to him.. 

      Her happiness knew no bounds, because now she exactly knew, who she wanted to be.. Her patient himself, defined her worth.. What more could she ask for? 

      All she did to get that respect was, she listened to whom, no one listened.. Cared about whom, no one cared.. 

She was the patient’s physical therapist.. And now she knew her real identity.. 

Why do i care? 

   Often people ask me, why do I go to the wards and check upon my patients regularly.. They ask me, do you get emotionally attached to your patients? And honestly I prefer to keep quiet, and let the silence answer this one.. 

   Well the truth is, its not about getting attached to a particular patient, its about caring enough about the patient you’ve been treating in the hospital for a while.. Its about checking on how their improving.. It makes me feel good to see my patients improve.. And it isn’t a sin, right? 

   It’s not about, being emotionally weak, that makes me feel my patients pain, its about me being a human.. The fact is that I’m not just a therapist, but also a human.. I agree to the fact, that getting deeply involved with a patient, so much so that, it starts affecting my personal life, isn’t a good thing for me.. But for me, it’s just that i care.. And I still have a personal life, trust me.. And guess what? This is exactly, what has helped me gain respect for that white coat that I wear.. It was never for those marks that I achieved, it was never for the treatment I gave, it was just the way I made them feel, I cared.. 

    Infact whatever I do for my Patients makes me worth their rememberance.. And this is the most precious thing for me.. If my patients could remember me for how much I cared for them, in times of their need, it makes me a successful therapist.. Thats all I know.. 

    I don’t know why, people fail to realise that a patient would understand your ability of being a great medical professional on the basis of their(patients) own knowledge.. And their knowledge is very limited in terms of their right treatment.. No matter what treatment I give, the patient would always judge me only on his/her own knowledge..

     Every therapist learns the same things and has the same amount of knowledge, leading them to get their degrees, right? 

    The question is, then why do patients prefer a particular therapist, to get themselves treated? 

   The reason is, it’s not the treatment, but the way you treat and care for the patient, that helps them judge how good you are at your job, because this is exactly the extent to what their knowledge is limited to, and that is what makes you worth their rememberance.. 

     And this is why, i check on my patients regularly, to let them know, someone cares.. And this is something they would remember me for, not for the treatment.. 

     Most of the times patients and relatives complain that no one listens and no one cares, and when I do, they value it.. I give my patients what they need.. And that’s all, that is required for them to feel better.. 

    This is what I want my patients to feel, and this is what defines my worth as a therapist in my patients mind.. That is all I care about.. 

    Where people belong to a profession same as that of mine, where the patient is the main priority, a question as such could still arise? 

    Why do you check on your patients regularly? Well because, MAY BE THATS MY JOB… 

You are just a thought 

Suppose if I tell you, that you are not more, than just a meer thought of your mind, then would you believe me? 

I mean, i could try my best to make you believe the same.. And here’s how.. 

Now considering the fact that you have a body, which is something you were born with, and you acknowledge it as your own, i would like to ask you a question.. 

Does this body actually belong to you? I mean, this body that you acknowledge as your very own, is it actually your’s? Did you create it yourself? 

The answer is NO

You were blessed with it right? Whatever you might call it as, maybe nature or God who blessed you with it.. 

So now the question is that how can you call something as your own, that you didn’t even create yourself? 

Now considering that the body isn’t your’s, then what is it, that is a part of you? That you call “ME”… It’s just the thought that you think of, to describe yourself.. Thats the real you.. 

You are just a thought, created by the mind belonging to the brain that you were blessed with, by God or nature, as you might call it.. 

You are not what you see yourself as, you are what you think yourself to be.. 

What belongs to you, is not your body, but your thought… And hence you are just a meer thought.. 

It’s all about loving what you do.. 

           No I’m not exaggerating my feelings, but honestly, its taking me time to fall asleep these days.. When I get into bed all tired, and think about my day, all I remember, is how i made my Patients feel for the day.. Were they happy, did my presence make a difference in their lives for good? If not, what more can I do? This question, actually keeps me awake for most of the time.. 

         For all the times I’m not satisfied with the results.. I try to find answers to the why.. Why did my patient not improve? Most of the times, i come with the answers myself, but sometimes I get these answers from my seniors or my teachers.. 

        I realised, there is so much to learn and the majority of it comes from your patients

        You see, every patient is unique in his/her own way and hence the way of treating each patient is different from the other and teaches you something new..

        Your patients, teach you ways you could improve yourselves.. Trust me this is the best part.. When I started treating patients, I realised they taught me how to treat them.. They made me realise that the best way to treat them is to first imagine yourselves in their place and then ask yourselves, how would you like to be treated? The answer you would come up with, is exactly how you as a therapist should be treating your patients.. 

         My Patients, have helped me grow myself into being a better version of me… I don’t know, if this is all natural, but honestly my love for my profession, has taken me to a next level… I have started enjoying the time I’m with my Patients, so much that I don’t feel like leaving the hospital… 

        From making them stand for the first time, to the times when they open their eyes and regain their consciousness after days of physical therapy, has given me what makes me love what I do… 

        There are days, I end up getting emotional seeing my Patients or their relatives cry, but guess what, I realised this isn’t a bad thing, its not that I’m emotionally weak, infact this is why I can treat them better.. The day you feel what your patients are going through, that day you know exactly what to treat and how to treat… 

        A change in my postings, makes me sad, the only reason being is I hate to leave my Patients.. After spending quite some time with them, you end up bonding with them, and then leaving them in the midst is just the worst thing… But, you know what’s the best thing? It’s when the patient doesn’t want you to leave.. This is a real patient – therapist relationship, it is this kind of a bond which you should aim to build.. 

        It’s weird how you start feeling for your patients, working to make them get better, some how gets you closer to them on an emotional level… 

      As I always say, consider the fact that patients are humans… All that your patients need is your time, love and care.. Give them what they need and see them rise.. After all this is what we live for… 

       We live, to make our patients life,                                   worth living.. 

This is why I am a physical therapist and I am in love with what I do..

Why Im proud being a physical therapist?

Who is a physical therapist?

Who is a physical therapist? 

       Regardless of what the definition says, I believe my profession has a lot more that I do.. I am proud of the fact that my profession, is what taught me that patients need to be cared for.. This is what, a physical therapist does.. 

      We care, and this is what we do best.. 

       Everyday the time i spend in the hospital, makes me realise that patients are treated as patients and hardly as humans.. Patients are treated but never talked to.. Why so? Why is there always a communication gap..? Most of the times, what the patient needs to hear from you, is just the fact that he or she would be alright.. Does being a medical professional, deprive you completely of the time you could spend in answering your patients queries? Being in a field, where your main priority is your patient, neglecting those talks which could be spent well in counselling your patient, is a “big thing”.. Isn’t it? 

        As a therapist, I realised I could bridge this gap.. My profession gave me that power.. Today when I treat my Patients I make it a point to bond with them and then treat them.. Its not about what I do, its about how I do? That’s all that makes the difference… Talking to the patients and their relatives, listening to what they have to say and then making them understand what I want them to, is how I like it to be.. The best thing about this, is now they know that someone cares and they open up very well.. This is exactly what I want from them… You see its not just about treating the physical impairments of your patient, but also that mental state that the patient is in.. And this mental state could be easily treated by talking to the patient and counselling him or her.. Its about asking the patient, how he/she feels before, as well as after the treatment… 

         At the end of your treatment, that one point where you pat the patient saying, take careeverything would be ok, is what your patient waits for eagerly… This is what makes your treatment Complete.. 

          The white coat I wear, has got me alot of respect from people whom I never even treated.. But you know, what is even better? When people whom you treat, give you more respect being a therapist, than the actual treating medical professional.. This is why you need to treat the patient as a human and not just a “Patient“.. This is what makes you eligible for the respect that you get from your patient.. 

        That one word called Thankyou and that one smile that your patient leaves you with, at the end of your treatment, is worth a million dollars, and this is what I strive for everyday… It makes my day.. It leaves me satisfied.. 

        People always said to me, that i’m a caring and loving person, they said I’m a good listener and now I guess my qualities make me suit my profession the best.. 

     Years before, I never thought I would be so proud of who I would be in my future .. 

Today, I am proud of who I am, and who I intend to be… 

I, am a physical therapist, and I care.. And this, is what, I do the “BEST”.. 

Why GOD??

Learn to be responsible for your actions
Why hold God responsible for everything on earth… Everything bad that happens to you isn’t because of god its because of you

         Growing up I realised, that you really need to have someone, you could always trust, no matter what. For me that someone happens to be GOD.. 

        Life happens to be so secure, to know you have GOD to look after you, to keep you away from any harm… The best part about trusting GOD completely, is that you know, you would always be on the right path, even if you happen to stroll over the wrong one, you will be pulled back on track..

           As I was growing up I always saw people pray religiously everyday, but fail to keep up the faith.. People, prayed for what they wanted, and when they didn’t recieve it, they gave up their belief, that he exists.. They remembered him, only in times of their needs.. Blamed him, for everything bad that happened with them.. And I always wondered why so..? 

           I don’t know why, people fail to realise that we are humans not animals.. We have been given a brain, to “think”  and “find solutions” to solve the problems of our “own” lives, that we “ourselves” create for our own. So now, the question is how can we blame God for every problem of ours that we ourselves created for our own? 

          Funny are people, who cry over things that didn’t happen according to, how they wanted them to be, failing to realise, that things didn’t happen their way because “their way”, wasn’t the “right way”.. Why would God want something bad for you? Can you even think of any answer, to this question? 

        A relationship that didn’t last long, a job that you were rejected for, the car you wanted to buy, but you couldn’t, the ill health of someone in your family… Is GOD the one supposed to be blamed for everything? 

         I mean if your relationship didn’t last long its either your or your partners fault not God’s.. God didn’t tell you to choose that particular person as your partner, it was your decision.. If your partner did not realise your importance, in his/her life its their loss and their mistake, not God’s.. So how is even God responsible for it? 

        The job for which you were rejected is the result of you lacking something, that the job demands.. For what, is God being blamed for.. Is he going to work hard for you, to become and have what you want? The answer is no.. 

          The one thing that you always dreamt of buying but you couldn’t, isn’t the reason to blame god for… If “you” want something for “yourself”, you yourself need to stop dreaming and start working.. God doesn’t drop things down from heaven you see..

           When people fall ill, its not because God wanted them to, its because they themselves never valued their health.. No one takes into consideration, the way, they have been living their lives, maybe smoking and drinking all day long, not exercising regularly, knowing that what they’re doing is injurious to their health.. But still, people themselves, choose their way of life, isnt it? Then for what is God being blamed for?   

          The question is, if you decide everything for yourself, you take all the decisions for yourself, then why is God responsible for everything..??

          It’s very funny you know how people give themselves the credit for their achievements, their success, their six pack abs and their wealth they possess, they never say I could get my six pack abs because God helped me, they never say God helped me become wealthy.. WHY SO..?

         I mean if God is the reason for all the misery in your life, why isn’t he a reason for all the good that happens to you… If he is the one you remember to blame for all your unhappiness, then why isn’t he the one you remember to praise for all the happiness? 

         Again the question is.. Why so? 

         All the good and bad that happens, in your life is because of you yourself..  Learn to take responsibility of your actions, and stop blaming God for everything… 

        If you can’t thank him for all Good, don’t even dare to hold him responsible for your bad.. 

Are you mentally strong?

What does being mentally strong really mean?

         Have you ever thought about it? 

             Society expects you to be strong, according to it, being strong means to never cry infront of people, it means to never show what you fear, and lastly it means to take the lead and force others to follow you.. 

             In today’s life people tend to show, what they pretend to be… The question is .. Is this what really makes you strong? Of course not.. Pretending to be something on the outside which doesn’t resonate with what you feel on the inside, is not called, to be strong.. It simply means you aren’t.. If you are something, you would not try so hard to be it, right? 

              I think, being strong means to have the courage, the courage to do what you feel like to be right and be responsible for it, the ability to not let other things and other people affect your thought, the courage to take your own decisions and face the world all by yourself, and lastly the courage to be able to express your feelings infront of everyone and anyone.. Crying infront of anyone doesn’t make you weak, it shows you have the courage to express your emotions and not be ashamed of it.. Its not about being stone hearted, where you don’t get affected by inhumane circumstances, its about gracefully accepting all that happens, as a part of life.. 

           Being strong has nothing to do with. the volume of your speech but your volume of thought… Meaning its not about how much you can speak, its about how much you can think of and act on it.. Its about taking your own decisions and to have the courage to exhibit it no matter what, others might think.. Its about having, what it takes to be responsible, for all what you have done and you intend to..

       So do you really think you’re mentally strong?

As far as I am concerned, i would say, i am working towards not making myself act strong, but to have the courage to accept my weaknesses, in order to grow into being more stronger than I was yesterday… 

           In order to make yourself stronger, you need to know your weaknesses and work on to make them your strength.. 

Just remember, 

Neglecting the truth and pretending the fake.. Doesn’t make you mentally strong….