Sometimes what you need, is YOU..

This is my story..

All my life living as an introvert being, I lived my life being my own partner playing alone with dolls, talking to them, as if they were real.. Never really realised how time passed by and I grew.. The change in height never changed my preference of choosing non living things over living.. Till the age of 15years I had a question been always asked, Ayushee do you even speak? Never did I realise being an introvert and enjoying your own company was considered being an alien.. I mean yeaahh.. A big thing isn’t it?

I always had people tell me, Ayushee you need to mix up with people.. No one ever understood, that I had been grown up in an environment enjoying my own company.. And trust me it wasn’t a sin, I felt like telling all.. It used to piss me how people used to try to change me.. But guess what I never let people do that to me..

But I guess with time changes everything, when i was out of school, with new people around I learnt how to speak.. Well I still speak less, but quite enough to say better than how I was as a kid..

People never realised that sometimes silence is what provokes you to think more.. I mean think about it.. You might be thinking of what to speak, if you’re speaking and guess what if you’re not speaking, you get to think about something else.. Freedom of thought, isn’t it?

Coming back to the point I’m trying to make.. My life would be considered as a life of a lonely being, by some.. But infact was one of the best for me..

You know why, cause

sometimes when people leave, your enough to contain yourself


when people are busy with their phones when they are with you, you can talk to yourself and never mind it..

That’s the difference..

I’ll tell you what, the irony is, people like me are considered lonely but we aren’t.. Go hunt and you will never find people like us in search of others to get their daily dose of happiness..

Lonely are those who still wait for a good morning text to smile, those who wait for someone else to call them beautiful, the ones who are sad because they can’t find someone else to party with, and those who feel depressed just because they don’t have someone to listen to them, grieving..

So the question is am i lonely, or You?

Always remember, Sometimes what you need, is YOU..


Are you lonely?

Open your eyes and look around, how many people do you see? If your answer is no one, and your answer excudes your family, and it bothers you, I would like to ask you why? 

Considering the fact we are humans, yes.. we feel the need to socialize, but is it really a need? Or just something we want, because we are used to living with people around… The question is why we are so dependent on others, for everything we need? and everything we want? 

We forget the fact, that we were all alone when we were born, and we still made it into the world… If we could do that all alone, why do we need people for everything else.. We could definately handle everything on our own… The absence of no one in our life other than your family should really matter to you… 

People think they are alone even when they have their family with them.. Guess what the problem actually is? The problem is that we try to find people other than our family to surround us, to accompany us, to give us support.. My question is why? Do you really think those people matter? Do you really think they care as much as your family does? 

The answer is no… 

This is something my profession made me realise.. As a physical therapist the only people i saw around my patients, were their family members.. You know why? Cause no one else really cared, as much as the family did, very few people remain by your side in turns of hardship, 90% of the times its only your family.. It takes alot of courage to give up your daily job and spend your time, taking care of someone who really matters to you.. And trust me no one other than your family posseses this courage.. I have seen patients, who said people left them because of their physical conditions, this is when they realised who really cared..

People who care, would always be by your side and they are whom, whose presence or absence should really matter…

So the question is, Now do you really               think, you’re alone?