The 5 elements of life had something to teach me..

I want to share something I learnt meeting 5 new people.. These people are the 5 elements of life..

  1. Mrs. Space
  2. Mr. Water
  3. Mrs. Fire
  4. Mr. Earth
  5. Mr. Air

When I met Mrs Space, I realised she had no boundaries set to her dreams.. She dreamt big and believed she could achieve it all.. She was limitless..

Next I met Mr water, and when I saw him lift others I realised there was something like selflessness.. It was the happiness he achieved with the thoughts of buoyancy, by making others rise, helping them out..

Moving forward I met Mrs. Fire, i realised how she lived her life, burning down all the negativity within her.. Some where down the line we all need to incinerate our complexities and live a happy life.. Isn’t it?

Next was Mr. Earth who taught me how we could give birth to something new, something big, the way he himself gives rise to all the flora and fauna.. It made me realise we are here to create.. Aren’t we?

Lastly I met Mr. Air who taught me the most important thing.. He taught me to help others live their lives, the same way as he helps people breathe which is life saving.. He taught me that it was important to save lives and make them worth living..

And guess what, here I am being a physical therapist, making people’s lives worth living, cause “just” surviving is not enough..


Some questions aren’t answered by Google..

As I was growing up one question all always made me wonder.. Why am I here? Is there a purpose behind my life?

I started searching for answers on google, yeah we all end up doing that especially those who are deep thinkers, right?

So did I, but I never got an answer and as always, I used to give up trying to find one..

The one thing I realised that when its the right time, the answers to your questions pop up, out of nowhere in your mind.. And I’m not kidding when i say this, as this has happened to me.. I don’t know why and how this happens on its own and at a specific time, but it does.. And the answer to your question, leaves you struck.. It makes you think.. It all makes sense.. Its indeed a magical moment..

You know the times when the things that happen to you are not so good and you ask yourself why that happened to you? You might not find an answer to that, at that point in life.. However some day you will, for sure.. And that day will be the right moment.. So what we need to learn is to wait for that Right moment and everything will fall in place…

The point that I am trying to make is, that we need to realise that sometimes we need to give ourselves time, time to evolve into a person with better understanding about life.. Sometimes we aren’t ready for the lesson, so when things happen that aren’t right according to us, its hard to believe.. But when answers to your questions come up, when your least expecting you are better able to understand what it holds.. They come when you’re finally ready..

So be patient, sit back and relax.. If you believe in the Almighty then understand he has the best plan for you, don’t regret whatever happens to you, it’s just a lesson that makes you grow..

And here is something else that i want you to know.. When you are where your meant to be, you feel it.. You feel everything to be rightly placed.. So if you don’t feel the present moment you aren’t where you should be..

I’ll be honest, today when I’m with my patients, I feel the moment like I was meant to be here.. I believe my question, why am I here, is answered.. Because that moment feels magical, its like every bit of me makes me realise this is what I’m here for.. It took time for me to get here.. Its been years after which I have received my answer and I must say its a beautiful one, indeed..

In a Relationship..

Yes I’m in a relationship..

Guess who?

He is the one, who taught me to appreciate my beauty, when i was waiting for others to do so,

the one who loved me, when i hated myself,

the one who brought me together when I was broken inside,

the one who showed me the path of success, when i failed..

the one who made me realise all I could do, when i considered myself useless,

the one who showed me light, when I found myself in the dark,

It’s the Almighty, my favourite person.. MY GOD..

I can’t even tell you what I would have been like, without him.. He is the one who has given me strength at times, when i needed it the most.. He is the one who taught life’s greatest lessons when i least expected to learn.. I love him so much I can’t even describe the love I have for him.. My day starts and ends with him.. Whenever I am scared I remember him and the rest is taken care of..

You know, they say leave your life in the hands of the Almighty and you’ll have a safe journey.. My life has taken unexpected turns and today when i see myself to love the place I am in, I realised..

That the bumpy roads are the ones that take you to the best destinations.. And its the journey that teaches you, so that you’re ready for the destination..

I never ever wanted to be a physical therapist and never saw the hospital I am a part of today, to be a an important part of my life someday.. Today i can say that, this is the best thing that has happened to me.. I am a Physical therapist and that same hospital is my second home.. This is the place where I help lives become worth living cause, just surviving is not enough..

Who do you think you are?

I am not, who you think I am; I am not, who I think I am; I am, who I think, you think I am..

Thomas Cooley

This is indeed the way majority of the people think today.. Don’t you feel the need to change this reality?

People today are constantly into thinking about, what others are thinking about them.. They don’t realise that what matters, is what they think of themselves..

If you start thinking of what others think, then what will others think about? You get that?

Moral of the story, you are the writer, director and producer of your life, so do not give the opportunity to the people around you, to do the same for you..

If God wanted others to think for you, he wouldn’t have given a brain to you..

I hope I made you think as always but this time a lot more I guess..