What i strive for everyday.. 

         You know what the best part about my profession is? It is the fact, that I get to touch people’s lives in a way that they would always remember.. I get to CARE for my Patients.. I get to help them heal the cause of their misery.. And trust me, this is the best thing I could ever do… 

          My profession made me realise that patients want to be listened to and not, just heard, they want to be cared for and not, just treated … How wonderful is that feeling to know someone cares, right? As a therapist, you need to know the difference, in order to treat your patients the best.. Treat them just the way, you would like to be treated..

          And the most important thing to remember is to be able to feel what your patients go through, be able to FEEL their pain… THIS, IS THE KEY TO TREAT THEM THE BEST… 

          Each day I feel the need to bond with them, that’s what makes them believe in Me.. A smile on their face makes me believe in myself, that i could more for them..

 If you ask me, what do I strive for? 

I would certainly say, 

          Every single day, i strive to hear my Patients say, 

           Mam, you made me feel better,  than yesterday… 

Does my life have a purpose? 

      One of those questions, you would ask yourselves one day would be.. What is my life’s purpose?? 

      So did I… I asked myself this question and to others who I thought could give me an answer to this.. And guess what.. 

      Some said, everyone has a different purpose, its on you to find yours and others said there was no such thing like a life’s purpose… And I’m like oh ok… 

      I realised I was confused to an extent I thought I could ever be.. Now after everything I heard outside of me, there was something on the inside waiting for an equal opportunity to answer this question and so I was like go ahead… What do you think? Does life have a real purpose? 

      I felt this time i would probably get an answer and I was right…

      It said, I don’t know if life had a purpose but what I do know is that, its better to not know something, rather than letting someone else answer your questions.. Give yourself sometime, as the time unfolds itself, it would bring you all that you need to know.. 

       That night was a peaceful one, even though I din’t get the answer to my question, I got the knowledge to be wiser, in finding answers to my questions… 

        SIT BACK AND RELAX, life unfolds itself when the time is RIGHT

I wished I knew it earlier.. 

          You know, when you are a person people care less about, that’s when you need to show the world who you really are.. 

           When people walk over you,  like you never existed, you need to make an effort, to make them feel your presence.. 

           When I look at my past, I realised that I never did make it a point to make myself feel worthy enough.. I never thought I was an important being on this planet, and that i did exist for real… And perhaps that was the reason, why no one around me ever felt my presence… 

           Yes, it was my fault, that i gave people that one big reason to neglect my being.. There was something missing in my life.. That something which I never thought, ever existed.. 

             As years passed, people in my life made me realise that if I wanted RESPECT,  I need to earn it, feel it, all by myself first.. 

             Life’s circumstances taught that one big thing missing in my life, the so called, 

                     SELF RESPECT 

         The Day I realised what exactly self respect was, that was the end of all those unworthy, unnoticed compromises i made, and shallow relationships with shallow people i had… That day, was an end to things that made me feel worthless all my life, and a new beginning to all that made me feel as priceless as i could be… 
            That day I wondered, why did my parents never taught me the importance of self respect..?? 

              My mind whispered, it said

           Self respect is Self taught

            My parents never taught me what self respect was, cause the best teacher who could teach me, was ME.. 

            Better late than never… I am happy I taught myself, to value who I am.. And now, I earn it all my life….

The Introvert Being

How is it to be an introvert

       Ever since my childhood, I was always pointed out for my introvert being. 


      I never realised why was it even considered to be a crime. I always had people tell me how not be an introvert. 
                  I mean,  really ?? 

       Me being an introvert, was me being myself, and now I had people tell me how not to be myself 

       This honestly took away my happiness at times,  as a child. I never new what to do about it.. Nevertheless I continued to be who I was as that’s the way I loved it to be.. 

     Being shy, doesn’t really mean you are less opinionated, it just means you don’t feel it necessary to put forth your opinions infront of others all the time … And this is all that makes that introvert being a different one

       As I grew up into being a woman of around  21, i realized its important on my part to make people realize how good and comfortable I felt as an introvert being, and that I do not wish to change myself forever..  People continued to poke their nose’s,  telling me all that I never wanted to hear, until one day…….. 

               THAT day she stood infront of all, and said all that had been piling up since she was a child… 

She said, 

                 I am an introvert being, I am so since my childhood and I have no plans whatsoever to change  what I have been, or what i intend to be.. I am the one responsible for myself and I will decide how I want it to be.. 

               From that day on,  she lived her life of her own, for the very first time being proud of her introvert being.. 

   Being an introvert, is my POWER

             DO NOT be mistaken, 

       to consider it, my weakness.. 

              I AM WHO I AM, 


             WHO I INTEND TO BE..