4 Walls of the Hospital have taught me a lot..

You know when you work in a hospital you realise that the world outside is completely different from it..

These four walls of the hospital teach you a lot.. They have shown me every aspect of emotion.. Believe me..

These 4 walls taught me what it is to be happy, seeing your patients walk for the very first time..

These 4 walls taught me what it is to be sad, seeing your patients cope up with complications deteriorating their health..

These 4 walls taught me what it is to be angry, asking God why them.?

These 4 walls taught me what it is to fear, praying to God hoping your patient is still breathing…

These 4 walls taught me what it is to be surprised, seeing the patient whom you didn’t expect to survive to walk back home and the one whom you did, to not..

While I write this, it makes me remember all those times I have been through each of them..

The 4 walls make us feel emotions but sadly, doesn’t let us express them.. As I always say,

The white coat requires us to hide the human in us..

You know why?

Showing your patients that you are happy, might make them feel that your content with their progress.. They might stop trying hard..

Showing them you are sad might get them weak..

Showing them you fear, might make them loose faith in themselves and in God..

Being a woman who tears up on the smallest of things, I can’t even tell you how badly I try control my feelings when I’m hit with people’s stories.. My throat dries up, trying to swallow it all, my eyes trying to hide just cause i can’t express to the one infront..

Its a tough job, but its the one I love..


Make your present a happy one

“ Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy .” ~Leo F. Buscaglia

Thoughts define how you feel, so make sure you are thinking positive.. And spread that positivity to others around you by asking them do to the same.. And then just see how your life changes..

The Liebster Award..

I got nominated for the Liebster award by Megha.. I have happily accepted this award..

Her blog- delightfulldiscoveries

Link – http://www.delightfulldiscoveries.com/eggless-chocolate-lava-cake/

First of all thank you so much for nominating me for this award.. This is my first award and had been waiting for someone to nominate me since long.. So thanks a lot.. I would like my readers to go and check out the above channel its all about cooking experiments and book reviews.. Go show her some love you all..

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What makes me passionate about blogging?

Blogging has helped me serve my purpose of sharing lessons my life has taught me.. Being in the field of physical therapy has been the best thing that has happened to me.. It is what, taught me about life and death, and illness being right in the middle of the two..

I believe what I learnt could be of help to someone.. Blogging has also been a platform that has helped me come across new people with same interests..

Being an introvert I like to connect with my thoughts more than words and blogging has helped with that..


    1. I love babies and dogs..
    2. I am not into sports, I do not like cricket
    3. I do not like dark chocolate
    4. I love spicy food..
    5. I hate people who are constantly on their phones
    6. I can move both my eyebrows individually..
    7. I am learning spanish language..
    8. I love turquoise blue water and white sand destinations
    9. I can hoola-hoop.
    10. I am an introvert.

Want to Nominate

Questions :-

1.How did you find the idea of starting your blog?

Ans-I wanted to share my thoughts with like minded people around the world so I knew blogging would serve the purpose…

2. If God would grant you a wish, what would you wish for?

Ans- If God granted a wish I would have changed the world into a peaceful place.. No fights, no wars..

3. What kind of content do you enjoy writing the most? Articles, poetry, short story, daily life, journal, etc.
Ans- Articles and stories..

4. We all get angry sometimes, what angers you the most in your day to day life?
Ans- I hate it when someone spoils my mood..

5. Three facts about your favorite book.

And – I am not into books much.. But then I like non fiction and self help books.. Robin sharma one of my favourite authors..

6. Describe one of your brilliant ideas or your eureka moment or something that you are most proud of.

Ans – One of the most proud moments was when one of my readers found it worth mailing me to tell me how my thoughts on physical therapy, made her sure about choosing physical therapy as a career..

7. One word that explains your true self.

Ans- Mystery

8. Three things you can’t live without in life.

Ans- basic necessities you see.. Air,Water, Food….

9. Your idea of a perfect day- indoors or outdoors?

Ans- indoor.. Sitting at home watching any comedy movie..

10. Imagine you have a pet if you don’t have one and one day your pet learned to talk. What would be the first thing according to you your pet will say?

Ans – I love you..

My questions for my nominations are the same..

It’s not a compulsion so accept it only if you wish to..

Do you miss them?

As humans we get so easily emotionally attached, isn’t it..?

This is the problem.. This emotional attachment becomes the reason for our sorrow.. When people leave us, we feel bad..

But guess what, the truth is that in life there are things over which we do not have control and hence we cannot do anything about them.. So when people leave understand that they had an option to do so.. And they chose to leave.. Its their life isn’t it? Your job is to value yourself to the extent where you chose not to beg someone to stay..

Mark my words,

If people wanted to stay, they would have..

This is one of those most important lessons my life taught me..

I know this is hard to swallow, but it is still food.. Food for thought, I mean..

Give it a thought to whatever I just said.. I Completely agree, that when you are connected to someone you get affected by their choice of leaving you, but if you were important to them, the same way as they are for you, then this would never have happened, isn’t it..?

The moral of the story is, stop thinking about what’s not there in your hands, and most importantly respect your inner self to the extent where you do not care who leaves you.. Because they never valued you.. Stop disrespecting yourself by giving such people the importance they aren’t worthy of..

I hope I made you think…

Inspire and motivate..

This is something new that I am starting with.. I love people who are an inspiration and I believe that such people need to share their stories and teach others what they have learnt.. If you keep it to yourself that isn’t fair.. Isn’t it? This is exactly why I started blogging so that i could share what i wanted the world to know..

Through blogging I have come across wonderful people and their wonderful stories and thoughts that inspired me.. So here I am deciding to share those with you.. So I would be asking some of my favourite bloggers to share their message on my blog so that they inspire and motivate my readers.. I wish my readers get to learn all that they need to know.. Amazing life experiences from around the world.. Messages that I want to get across.. Also I would be asking some questions, for them to answer..

I want people who love to inspire to come across and share comments on the these blogs if you too want to do the same.. I would love to share..

All kinds of inspirational stories, are welcome.. Lets connect bloggers.. Lets provide great value to our readers..

Is money your most priced possession?

I know sometimes 2 posts a day can be a lot but then I so wanted to share this with all my readers..

A message with a deeper meaning we all need to understand..

An American tourist visited an Indian Yogi. He was astonished to see that the Yogi’s home was a plain, simple room. The only furniture was a mat and an earthen water pot.
The Tourist said “Yogi, with due respect, may I ask: where’s your furniture and other household things?”
Yogi replied asking : “Where is yours?”
Tourist replied : “Mine? But I’m only a visitor here.”
Yogi said : “So am I !!”

Reading this touched me to the core, making me realise that all materialistic things we try to collect on a daily basis will have to be left here when we die.. So what is the point of possessing these things.. If you can’t keep it to yourself?..

Now keeping this in mind think about what we can keep to ourselves? We can keep the love and respect we receive.. So why don’t we focus on collecting them.. Why don’t we do things that would help us gain these things that our supposed to be our priced possessions?

So the moral of the story is.. Do not run behind things that you won’t be able to take with you, instead try to earn things that will remain with you forever.. Do something good, help someone, love someone, care about someone and do things that would help you earn respect in the minds of people..

I hope I made my point clear..