The change that changed me..

How did you loose weight? Probably the most frequently asked questions i have to answer.. 

This is the only picture I could find, and im sure it says it all.. I was around 68 kgs back then.. I couldn’t find any more full length pictures to best describe how healthy i was, but i hope my face has shrinked to that extent that depicts all the hard work.. 

So here it is… 

There is no shortcut, all you need to do is control your diet and exercise.. And that is a fact that made me loose weight.. 

People ask me this question wherever i go, and i must say i don’t have any magic wand that helped me loose weight without working for it.. Things like these don’t come for free you see.. 

Back in 2013

So, years before I was struggling to loose weight and today i am in a place, where people compliment my figure.. And trust me, its still not perfect.. And i’m still working on it.. But i guess it’s the confidence, that works its magic.. 

Back in 2014

Today I thought of writing about it because this weight loss journey is very special to me.. And today being a physical therapist i don’t just wish to have a great body but a strong one.. My profession made me realise how important my body is for me.. Now, it’s my duty to make everyone else realise that.. 

For all you out there, especially women here’s a message.. Don’t work towards being a size zero, work towards appreciating your own body.. Make it stronger and it would add to your confidence.. And this is what that matters.. Looking at photoshopped pictures makes you jealous? Then work your own body to make it stand out just the way it was made.. But never compare your gifts with others.. 

I have lost around 13kgs, in 6 years, I started in 2012 and today in the year 2017 this what I look like now..

Yes im proud of myself.. 

And yes, today the body i have, has been achieved without a single protein shake, without ever hitting the gym.. So if you see people out there doing all of the above and then thinking, this is necessary to have that great body.. Your simply wrong.. I never had protein shakes because my diet consists of daily protein intake.. I never hit the gym cause i knew i could be the best trainer for myself.. 

This journey made me realise how i, could make myself push harder to achieve the body goals i dreamt of.. This is my dream, and i am the one who needs to work for it.. It made me realise that, all that you can dream of, is what you could achieve.. It made me realise, that i am beautiful, just the way i am.. 

No, I don’t have a flat stomach, but I wish to have a strong core.. And I’m working my way towards it.. 



No, not the same old life.. 

Have you ever given this a thought, why did God make so many of us? And how did he manage to make all of us look different.. I mean, if i were to draw two humans, it would certainly be a task for me to make the two look different.. But still he could make that possible.. Each and every one of us looks different.. And i still don’t understand how.. But that’s how creative his creation is.. 

As humans, we fail to realise that we don’t just look different, but we are different.. We have different capabilities but still we all try to fit into that so called one category.. The one who should be a great student, the one who is good at their job, the one who earns enough money, gets married and then takes care of their family.. 

Really? Do you really think God made so many of us for us to do the same thing..? He made us all different to live the same lives? No, obviously not.. 

When i see people, i wonder how they spend their lives doing the same thing everyday just to live a normal life.. A normal life, is where you study get good marks, enter college study again get good marks, then apply for a job, then get married when your parents ask you to and then have kids and then spend your time taking care of them.. Trust me, this is what majority people are doing today, blindly..

And this is sad.. Just imagine, when you die and meet God and he asks you what did you of the life I gave you.. And each person tells him the same old story.. Well he would surely think he wasted his time making so many of us, giving all of us different qualities that we could use and make the most out of it, in a way we wanted.. 

But what are we doing instead? Aren’t we wasting our lives doing the same thing what others are doing? Do give this thought, a thought.. 

And that’s how i decided i didn’t want to spend my life the same way as others.. I want to make the most out of my life.. I want God to be proud of me.. I want to tell him how I changed the world with the qualities he blessed me with.. I want to show him how i made this world a better place with my existence.. 

Dont be a part of the crowd, instead be apart from the crowd.. Thats what makes the difference.. 

Well, the way I plan to make my life different will be brought infront of the world to learn from, pretty soon.. For now, im working on it.. 

So i would like you to think and question yourselves, are you born to live the same old life as others? If not, change NOW.. How? That’s upto you to decide… 

My first experience of observational learning.. 

So finally I decided to give this a try and it ended up being a successful event of my life.. This is my very first step in raising awareness about my profession and its power, that helps people live a life free from physical stress.. So as I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, that instead of celebrating just one day as a physiotherapy day, we could spend one day a month to create awareness about our profession.. 
And I’m happy to announce that I took my very first step by doing an observation of the people and how they work in the State bank of India J.M road branch, and then giving them a feedback of what I learnt from the observation.. 

So  on the first day i observed how people at the bank used to work and their work station. Their working hours were considered and also their postures.. 

So the things i felt that put them under a high risk of musculoskeletal problems in future are as follows 

  • They work 8 hrs, comprising of sitting at the desk occupied with work after which they rarely get time for any form of exercise 
  • The posture – forward chin, protracted shoulders that increases the stress on the back muscles which are weak causing upper back and neck pain.. 
  • Their chairs, which are without a proper lumbar support leading to low back pain. 
  • They height of the computer screens are not at the eye level.. They compensate eye movements with neck movements leading to increased use of cervical spine which could cause early wear and tear. Over time this could also contribute to poor vision because of less use of eye muscles.. 
  • Constantly sitting in one place and less of physical activity puts them under a risk of gaining weight, which adds to the stress acting on their body.. 
  • Their gait, indicates less strength of lower limbs as they walk with short steps and externally rotated limbs due to tight external rotators caused by prolonged sitting.. 

      So exercises like chin tucks, shoulder shrugs, exercises for shoulder retractors, basic lower limbs exercises, for hips and knees, were taught and also advice on posture was given. Importance of exercise to build strength was taught.. Importance of pain and why it occurs was explained to them.. 

      Overall, this experience of observational learning was amazing.. The fact that my observation skills and knowledge were put into practice to serve people in the community working for long hours in State bank was a moment of honour for me.. The interaction of the bank employees with me was great.. The best part was they openly shared all their problems of back pain and neck pain with me.. And that’s how I could offer them a solution with for their problems.. 

      Hearing to their problems I realised that the Government should take measures to ensure a proper work station for people working at it.. 

      At the end, when the employees were so grateful to me just because i had carried out such a study and helped them with a solution their problems i felt proud of my profession.. Those words “thank you mam” were worth every bit of the experience I had.. 

      Last but not the least this experience made me realise that we as physical therapists can do alot for people outside hospital environment.. Physical therapists have the ability to make people realise that prevention is always better than cure.. And we are best at it.. 

      Physiotherapy is still unknown to many people and this step of mine not only helped people in need, but made people realise the Power of Physical Therapy.. 

      Physical therapy

      What does the word physical therapy really mean? Regardless of the fact that the word is self explainatory, people somehow correlate it to massage.. And the question, why so, still remains a mystery for me.. 

      Nevertheless, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, defines physical therapy as services to restore maximum movement and functional ability.. 

      But guess what, the day you see patients being treated you will realize its much more that we as physical therapists do, than just restoring maximum movement and functional ability.. 

      We are there in the icu, making patients move to help them improve, without even needing to prove.. Complications are kept at bay, when we, are here to stay.. 

      We help strentghen women, to make the process of taking care of the newborn free of physical stress.. 

      We help the elderly, age more gracefully, by making them realise that age is just a number, on life’s page to remember.. 

      We are who, make our patients forget what they don’t have and make them realise what they have.. We try to bring into light their strength, in order to make them forget their weaknesses.. And this is how we make things possible.. 

      We are who make our patients stronger, when they think so, no longer… 

      Physical therapy is the way of healing someone with not just your touch, but also with your words.. The reason I say so, is because often when we treat, we use words to motivate along with physical contact.. And trust me this works wonders.. We teach the patient, to never say i can’t and always say i can, which installs belief that helps them get better faster.. 

      We are no less than a motivational speaker for our patients… We motivate our patients to the point, where they start believing in themselves.. And that’s how we get things done.. 

      For days we spend time to teach our patients to stand, to walk the same way as parents do with their children.. No matter how many times it needs to be repeated, we are always there trying are best to get our patients moving.. Wonder how? Try and test our patience, with our patients.. 

      We make patients stand high, when their hopes our low.. 

      When we treat patients its not just about gaining range of motion or strength, its about gaining patients confidence in themselves and in us.. Its about making them satisfied with their level of functioning in their daily life.. 
      Our patients would tell you forever about our contribution in their journey to get better.. 

      We are who, whose uniforms soil making you realise how much we made our patients toil.. 

      We are who spent our lives, adding life to lives of our patients.. 

      We are physical therapists.. We heal the world with Physical therapy.. And thats our weapon.. That’s our strength..

      Physical therapy, is a profession where therapists spend days, weeks, months and years just to get their patients moving.. We spend so much time with our patients, working for long hours just to get them back to daily living and still end up with poor recognition even today.. 

      I guess we are too busy working to add worth to the lives of others.. But that’s all that our profession is all about.. 

      And hence our profession demands not just respect but recognition all over the world..

      Happy World Physiotherapy Day….

      Organ donation – life saving deed.. 

      Organ donation, the word itself says it all, it is the process of giving an organ to someone who needs a transplant. Giving someone, something which is needed is indeed a life saving deed.. Organs like kidney, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, intestine, eyes, skin can be donated by any living or a brain dead person. All you need to do, is register yourself as a donor with your family agreeing to your decision.. 

      Even today, the demand for organs is not met by the supply, as very few people take this initiative to donate their organs.. Inspite of days like World Organ Donation Day being celebrated, where people are made aware of what organ donation is all about and how it can help someone, live their life, people are still reluctant to change their views.. Humans today, need to be taught humanity..

      The reason you should be donating your organs is because it can save upto 8 lives.. Eight lives is alot.. In today’s times, people die of waiting for a need for transplant.. Its almost like your gifting someone a second chance to live their lives.. Isn’t that great?

      Now most people do not donate organs because of either lack of awareness, or preconconcieved notions and misconceptions prevalent in the society.. Some people think age is a barrier and others bring their i’ll health as a reason not to donate. Truth being, neither of them actually is.. Excuses like my religion doesn’t support organ donation!! Really?? The religion that teaches you to praise the lord who believes in having compassion for all living beings, doesn’t support organ donation? They say it disfigures the body, it is a sign of disrespect at the time of being burried.. Now the question being who is it being disrespectful to? The soul who lived in that body, would that soul be disrespected or respected instead, for the decision of giving someone a chance to live their life for once?

      Someone once said, 

      It’s better to donate, than to accumulate.. 

       They say if I register as a donor the doctor would never try hard to save my life, this being the most pointless reasons of all.. Why would a doctor not do his job, for a reason lame as such.. And the list of excuses goes on.. What’s yours? 

      For once, ask yourselves, if it would be your own loved one, would you still give those reasons? Would you? 

      The human body that you consider to be yours is something you were blessed with, it isn’t, what you created yourself.. It was gifted to you, so what is wrong in passing on the same gift to someone else to help them live? Would it take something from you after you die? Does the air or the soil smell of the soul residing in the body that was burned or burried within it..? What are we even trying to preserve? Is it even possible to take with us to heaven, all that we accumulated? Which religion, speaking of humanity would be against giving someone a chance to live? Would God ever have a problem with a life saving deed as such? No, not at all..

      Around 5 lakh people die each year across our nation just being a part of the waiting list for organ donation.. People are dying, waiting and waiting for a life saving deed to thank someone for without an assurance, that the wait would be worth while.. I guess we owe alot to the misconceptions our brains have chosen to stick to, over the years.. 

      As they say, there are two sides to the same coin, good things come with some price to be paid.. That being said this courageous deed, also has a price you might have to pay.. Donating an organ, like bone marrow, may restrict future activities for a lifetime, or a kidney may put an alcohol consumer at risk for kidney failure.. But the bright side to this darkness is that there is only a 0.2-0.4% chance of a donor ending up with a kidney failure.. 

      Now that being said, a question I would like you, to ask yourself.. Isn’t the price that you have to pay for donating a part of your body to someone in need, worth the value of adding life to the lives of others? The answer to this, is a decision of yours, lets hope it ends up being a wise one.. 

      Instead of recyling just plastic to make the earth green lets pledge to recycle our organs to make our lives evergreen.. 

      The measure of life is not by its duration, but by its donation – by Peter Marshall

      A possible way to end Female Foeticide..

      Dont worry!! It would definitely be a boy this time..

      Im sorry, its a girlBetter luck next time..

      And that’s how it all started, the birth of Female foeticide.. The term that makes me feel ashamed of the mindset people have been living with even today.. Female foeticide is the selective abortion of female foetuses.. It is still one of those illegal methods being carried out in India.. The answer to which, lies in the thoughts, people’s minds have chosen to marry.. 

      So, this basic mentality of people that goes behind the occurrence of female foeticide, is that, males are better than females, for reasons they have chosen to prefer for themselves.. And hence, everyone wants to bring into existence, a male child. They think that the male child would be the biggest support in times of their need. And that you need to spend a lot of money if girls are born, in respect of exorbitant dowry you see..  

      I don’t know, why is this even a thought?? But can’t females, be the biggest support for their parents? Can’t females, work to earn a living? Did God make them less intelligent, as compared to males? Why did God even create them, if they were so useless? My question is, do we even, have the right to consider Gods creation as a useless one, and destroy it without even feeling guilty for doing so?? Its the same God to whom you pray religiously, right?

      I dont understand, why people are so reluctant to understand that raising a female child is no different than raising a male child, and you need to spend the same amount of money to make them capable for a living.. School fees aren’t gender biased you see.. Neither should love be.. Though dowry sysyems are.. And maybe thats what makes them illegal.. So in short, bringing up a female child isnt a big deal, and definitely not a sin.. Infact running away from the responsibility of raising one is…

      The problem today, is the perception.. People perceive girls are of less worth, people perceive they are less intelligent, people perceive they are weak, for reasons whatsoever… And this is what we need to change…

      Now its hard to make someone change their beliefs, right?.. So its hard to make people believe that females are no less than males.. The point that i am trying to make, is that we have tried our best to make people realise that this thought of theirs, needs to change.. People try to create awareness programmes, and what not, just to change the way people think..

      The question is, is it really helping??? 

      The answer is no… Definately not..

      So instead of trying to change their beliefs, by telling them how females are no less than males, lets show them.. 

      Let’s try something different.. Lets help every girl child rise.. Rise to the point, where they create a wow moment, for people to admire them.. Instead of spending our energy in educating people to change their thoughts, lets educate young girls in order to bring out their best.. Lets create a stepping stone for all the girls and women out there, lets make them get to the point, where people look upto them.. Lets educate them, motivate them, empower them, lets make them capable of achieving everything, what people thought they never could..

      Lets focus on education, training, and empowering every woman be it in urban or rural population to become a role model in order to motivate others to do the same..

      And this is the only way, we could make people understand the worth and capabilities of a women..

      My mom always said, show the world, that your capabilities are no less, than that of a man..

      Spending ten years in a girls school, never made me realise how important it was to define my worth as a girl, and today for the kind of woman i have grown up into being, i have dream to show the world what i am capable of being a female and a vision to empower all women to conquer the world.. Its my aim to make them realise their worth and help them define it to the world..

      Someone once said, little girls with dreams, become women with vision..

      Lets show the world, what Gods Creation is capable of in real..

      If we bring this into reality, there would definately be a day in the future, where people would pray for a girl child.. And surely, female foeticide would come to an end.. Lets hope and work our way towards it.. 

      The lucky me..

      Is this your first child? she asked, looking into a face, which wasn’t even ready for what she was living with.. The mother replied, no… its my third.. Looking, at how cute the baby looked while he was asleep.. She thought how lucky his mother was, to be able to bring into existence a part of her.. She then asked, how are you feeling? Do you have any pain? Any pain in the back? The mother replied yes, it pains only when i sit for a long time.. 

      She then taught the mother the right way of positioning herself and the baby while feeding.. After which she said, let’s get started, with some exercises you need to be doing, to ward off your pain.. The mother agreed and lied down on the bed.. Throughout the process of carrying out the exercises, she realized that the mother was very attentive to what she had to say, but didn’t even care about that baby lying just next to her.. Inspite of being a mother for the third time, she had no signs of a mother, whose baby was of prime importance to her.. 

      After all said and done, she asked the mother, “How old are you”?.. The mother replied, 23.. The number, was the answer to all the questions her mind was filled with.. A moment of silence, just paused everything in place.. There she stood, infront of a 23yr old mother of three, as a 22yr old girl who still ate the food her mom made for her, still needed her dad to get things for her, and who still was a daughter to her parents.. 

      All this while she had been thinking that life had been unfair to her, for reasons not worth a mention, just to find out, that life was far more unfair to others.. She realized, people were living lives worth more, than what their age could even handle.. 

      It made her realize, that in life we all needed to grow, but not everyone, got time to grow.. 

      That day made her realise, that she should be grateful that she had time to grow.. She was lucky, she had time to do everything she wanted to, before she could even raise her own children.. She realised she needed to make use of her time, she had been given to grow.. And now she wasn’t just a girl who was a living a life without a purpose, but a therapist who had a dream, a vision to change the world.. 

      Now she exactly knew why she was here.. It all made sense.. She was here to make this world a better place with her existence..