My water bottle..

I know the title may sound funny and weird but it isn’t.. Its one of those small things that taught me the biggest lesson in life.. 

So here is a story i want to share with a lesson for life you need to remember.. It may sound a bit sarcastic but truth can always be best described in a sarcarstic way I feel.. 

So I would like to thank God for blessing me with a water bottle whom I never thought to be of any value other than helping me carry water.. Until one day when I sat down in the bus.. As always I never expected anyone to look at me and say hi! Cause I knew that’s said when u need something from someone .. So there I sat in my seat thinking about my day and I hear my name being called.. I look back to find a person call me to ask, if I had water.. I said yes, took my water bottle and handed it over.. After drinking water one word saying thank you was said to me returning my water bottle.. I looked at my water bottle and that was the day I realised how important it is for me.. I mean if i have it, I am of some value to people.. If I don’t have it I’m not.. 

    This is a hard truth of life, no matter how many people you have you are always judged on what you can give back to people.. If you have nothing to offer you would never be of any value.. 

    Often my patients tell me about how people left them when they ended up being dependent on them without having anything to offer.. You see how selfish people are and that’s what you need to understand.. If u want to be valued, you need to have that one thing people would value you for… 

    Let me get this clear, say u want to buy a car.. What do you do? You compare right? You see which of the two is giving you the best for the price your being asked to pay.. You see how companies fight to be better than others? Why do you think they do that? They fight to be the best and offer the best because they know they wouldn’t be valued if they don’t… 

The same applies to you, people would come to you and value you for the things you best offer them… Say you are good at math but not science.. No friend of yours would come to learn science from you.. But a person who isn’t even a friend can come to learn math from you.. 

I hope you get the point… Offer value to people and that’s when you get valued… 


How much does your health cost?

We humans, we always want the best for ourselves right? The best of everything.. Expect one thing, that we end up taking for granted.. Our health.. 

I always find people making right decisions incase of a making a purchase… Be it buying a car, a house or anything for that matter.. People consider quality and quantity and the price that you have to pay for it.. But how often do we measure, the quantity and quality of our health.. How often, do we make the best choices when it comes to taking care of our bodies? 

Let me tell you, our human body is one such creation of God that is irreplacable.. So should we be even taking it for granted?

We live in a world, where there are so many advances in the health industry.. Consider implants that replace human body structures, they can replace a structure, but not its function to the level, the human body can perform..  

There is no such thing made by man, that can ever match the one made by God.. 

For once take a look at yourself, and try to find atleast one thing that we do every single day to keep ourselves healthy.. Do we exercise? Do we eat healthy? And there are people, who not only do nothing to keep themselves healthy, but instead do things enough to deteriorate their health.. 

People smoke, people drink, people use their phones while driving.. How about selling your health? How much, would it cost you think? 

A question i have for all reading this.. Do you really think that your health is replaceable? Just a few days back i was talking to a patient and he said God may punish anyone in a way anything else than ending him up with a spinal cord injury, leaving him with paralysed lower body.. 

That was a indeed a moment of shame and regret for me,  remembering all those times i act lazy to get up from my bed to get the things i want.. For people who want to, always cannot.. 

Honestly, i couldn’t even look into his eyes when he said that to me.. It made me realise how often we take our lives for granted? Is it, that cheap? 

A few years back, i happened to sprain my ankle, and every time i beared weight on the foot it gave me immense pain.. The pain stayed for a month or so, for i couldn’t give my ankle proper rest for it to heal completely.. Because of that pain i couldn’t even walk normally, it somewhere got me to be irritated as i couldn’t do anything the way i used to do before.. Now just that small reason, of not being able to do what i wanted to used to irritate me.. That day I realised how important my body was for me.. How important was it for my ankle to function properly to help me walk.. These are small things, that we take for granted in our so called busy lives.. That day also made me realise that, how hard it is for someone who cannot do something, that he has been doing for years.. That day i knew that instead of complaining, i should have been thanking God for my injury was temporary.. And yes maybe that’s how inexpensive, we consider our bodies and our health to be.. 

The message that i’m trying to convey is that our bodies should be thanked for.. Next time you pray to God about the list of endless things he didn’t bless you with, thank him for he blessed you with the kind of health people die craving for.. 

It’s weird how you see 2 kinds of people, one who always smokes and stays happy, and the other who gets hit by a car without it being his mistake, ending up being paralysed for the rest of his life both physically and mentally.. 

Maybe that’s life.. If you don’t do anything to take care of your health, don’t ask for it when its all gone.. For it shall never come back.. 

All that is never valued, is what never stays and for once its gone, its gone forever.. Hope you remember.. 

The case..

She stood there outside the cabin, just to get a sign on the patient’s case she had presented to the professor.. 

Earlier, at the time she was documenting the case in the journal, all the thoughts just rolled up.. She recollected how she had been taking care of that patient, each day she went to the ward, just to see if he was okay.. Everyday she treated him, so that one day she could see him open his eyes and talk to his relatives.. She remembered how she ran, everyday in the corridor, just to enter the ward, with the fear to see if he was there and not gone.. The sight of him lying there on the bed unconscious, was far more better than him being missing, which would depict he was no more, she believed.. Everynight the only thing that scared the shit out of her was, what if she didn’t see him tomorrow.. That thought kept her awake for most of the time at night.. 

Everyday she walked upto his bed to treat him, his relatives looked upto her as an answerer to all questions.. They some how believed in her alot.. Thats what made her realise, she was good at her job.. They told her how, his grandchildren used to come to meet him, and how his sister’s came to tie him a rakhi in the hospital.. Everyday they asked her, will he be good, madam? 

The patients condition was such that, she could not answer anything.. She just asked them to keep faith.. She knew she could be wrong, but as they say, faith had the power to change everything.. God knows, what could just happen.. 

She thought, is this way a person could get punished for missing his blood pressure medications for a single day.. 

She remembered how bad she controlled her emotions, when his wife used to cry infront of her.. She knew, she had to make the patients relatives more stronger and that’s why, she chose to make them believe how strong faith can be.. 

Everyday, she put her hand on the patients wrinkled forehead and thought that one day everything would be okay.. Rendering a smile to the relatives, she used turn her back to leave, with the thought that kept her awake, eating her for most of the time.. 

Inspite of knowing the fact, that the patient’s prognosis wasn’t that good, she tried her best… All she wanted was, that the children never lost their grandfather, for she knew what it felt like to loose one.. 

She still remembered, how the relatives thanked her for all she did for the patient, and their faces depicted well, how much they meant it.. 

Days passed and his condition improved.. And she was happy to see the patient opening his eyes and finally looking at her to see who had been treating him for days.. That day, she held his hand and felt how faith had changed things for good.. 

Her posting was about to change and it was a last day there in the ward, and she left happily, making sure that the relatives knew whom to contact if they ever needed her.. 

One fine day, out of the blue she got the news of the patient being no more, and she just could not believe that.. But that, was it… It was the end, to that fairytale that made her feel that every story has a happy ending.. 

There she stood to take the professor’s sign on the case.. That day the case had no meaning.. That so called “management” went in vain.. It was meant to be of worth for the patient, but may be life chose no to.. It was no longer a patients case, but just a written documentation.. 

This particular patient had been very special to me, for reasons i don’t even know.. But, what i do know now, is that not every story is a story with a happy ending..

The most important lesson this patient taught me is that never ever go, a day without taking your blood pressure pills.. It can certainly cost you, your life.. 

Please share this post with everyone you know to have been taking blood pressure medications.. Its a medication you should not stop taking unless your doctor tells you.. Elderly people in the house should be reminded to take their medications daily.. 

The change that changed me..

How did you loose weight? Probably the most frequently asked questions i have to answer.. 

This is the only picture I could find, and im sure it says it all.. I was around 68 kgs back then.. I couldn’t find any more full length pictures to best describe how healthy i was, but i hope my face has shrinked to that extent that depicts all the hard work.. 

So here it is… 

There is no shortcut, all you need to do is control your diet and exercise.. And that is a fact that made me loose weight.. 

People ask me this question wherever i go, and i must say i don’t have any magic wand that helped me loose weight without working for it.. Things like these don’t come for free you see.. 

Back in 2013

So, years before I was struggling to loose weight and today i am in a place, where people compliment my figure.. And trust me, its still not perfect.. And i’m still working on it.. But i guess it’s the confidence, that works its magic.. 

Back in 2014

Today I thought of writing about it because this weight loss journey is very special to me.. And today being a physical therapist i don’t just wish to have a great body but a strong one.. My profession made me realise how important my body is for me.. Now, it’s my duty to make everyone else realise that.. 

For all you out there, especially women here’s a message.. Don’t work towards being a size zero, work towards appreciating your own body.. Make it stronger and it would add to your confidence.. And this is what that matters.. Looking at photoshopped pictures makes you jealous? Then work your own body to make it stand out just the way it was made.. But never compare your gifts with others.. 

I have lost around 13kgs, in 6 years, I started in 2012 and today in the year 2017 this what I look like now..

Yes im proud of myself.. 

And yes, today the body i have, has been achieved without a single protein shake, without ever hitting the gym.. So if you see people out there doing all of the above and then thinking, this is necessary to have that great body.. Your simply wrong.. I never had protein shakes because my diet consists of daily protein intake.. I never hit the gym cause i knew i could be the best trainer for myself.. 

This journey made me realise how i, could make myself push harder to achieve the body goals i dreamt of.. This is my dream, and i am the one who needs to work for it.. It made me realise that, all that you can dream of, is what you could achieve.. It made me realise, that i am beautiful, just the way i am.. 

No, I don’t have a flat stomach, but I wish to have a strong core.. And I’m working my way towards it.. 


No, not the same old life.. 

Have you ever given this a thought, why did God make so many of us? And how did he manage to make all of us look different.. I mean, if i were to draw two humans, it would certainly be a task for me to make the two look different.. But still he could make that possible.. Each and every one of us looks different.. And i still don’t understand how.. But that’s how creative his creation is.. 

As humans, we fail to realise that we don’t just look different, but we are different.. We have different capabilities but still we all try to fit into that so called one category.. The one who should be a great student, the one who is good at their job, the one who earns enough money, gets married and then takes care of their family.. 

Really? Do you really think God made so many of us for us to do the same thing..? He made us all different to live the same lives? No, obviously not.. 

When i see people, i wonder how they spend their lives doing the same thing everyday just to live a normal life.. A normal life, is where you study get good marks, enter college study again get good marks, then apply for a job, then get married when your parents ask you to and then have kids and then spend your time taking care of them.. Trust me, this is what majority people are doing today, blindly..

And this is sad.. Just imagine, when you die and meet God and he asks you what did you of the life I gave you.. And each person tells him the same old story.. Well he would surely think he wasted his time making so many of us, giving all of us different qualities that we could use and make the most out of it, in a way we wanted.. 

But what are we doing instead? Aren’t we wasting our lives doing the same thing what others are doing? Do give this thought, a thought.. 

And that’s how i decided i didn’t want to spend my life the same way as others.. I want to make the most out of my life.. I want God to be proud of me.. I want to tell him how I changed the world with the qualities he blessed me with.. I want to show him how i made this world a better place with my existence.. 

Dont be a part of the crowd, instead be apart from the crowd.. Thats what makes the difference.. 

Well, the way I plan to make my life different will be brought infront of the world to learn from, pretty soon.. For now, im working on it.. 

So i would like you to think and question yourselves, are you born to live the same old life as others? If not, change NOW.. How? That’s upto you to decide… 

My first experience of observational learning.. 

So finally I decided to give this a try and it ended up being a successful event of my life.. This is my very first step in raising awareness about my profession and its power, that helps people live a life free from physical stress.. So as I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, that instead of celebrating just one day as a physiotherapy day, we could spend one day a month to create awareness about our profession.. 
And I’m happy to announce that I took my very first step by doing an observation of the people and how they work in the State bank of India J.M road branch, and then giving them a feedback of what I learnt from the observation.. 

So  on the first day i observed how people at the bank used to work and their work station. Their working hours were considered and also their postures.. 

So the things i felt that put them under a high risk of musculoskeletal problems in future are as follows 

  • They work 8 hrs, comprising of sitting at the desk occupied with work after which they rarely get time for any form of exercise 
  • The posture – forward chin, protracted shoulders that increases the stress on the back muscles which are weak causing upper back and neck pain.. 
  • Their chairs, which are without a proper lumbar support leading to low back pain. 
  • They height of the computer screens are not at the eye level.. They compensate eye movements with neck movements leading to increased use of cervical spine which could cause early wear and tear. Over time this could also contribute to poor vision because of less use of eye muscles.. 
  • Constantly sitting in one place and less of physical activity puts them under a risk of gaining weight, which adds to the stress acting on their body.. 
  • Their gait, indicates less strength of lower limbs as they walk with short steps and externally rotated limbs due to tight external rotators caused by prolonged sitting.. 

      So exercises like chin tucks, shoulder shrugs, exercises for shoulder retractors, basic lower limbs exercises, for hips and knees, were taught and also advice on posture was given. Importance of exercise to build strength was taught.. Importance of pain and why it occurs was explained to them.. 

      Overall, this experience of observational learning was amazing.. The fact that my observation skills and knowledge were put into practice to serve people in the community working for long hours in State bank was a moment of honour for me.. The interaction of the bank employees with me was great.. The best part was they openly shared all their problems of back pain and neck pain with me.. And that’s how I could offer them a solution with for their problems.. 

      Hearing to their problems I realised that the Government should take measures to ensure a proper work station for people working at it.. 

      At the end, when the employees were so grateful to me just because i had carried out such a study and helped them with a solution their problems i felt proud of my profession.. Those words “thank you mam” were worth every bit of the experience I had.. 

      Last but not the least this experience made me realise that we as physical therapists can do alot for people outside hospital environment.. Physical therapists have the ability to make people realise that prevention is always better than cure.. And we are best at it.. 

      Physiotherapy is still unknown to many people and this step of mine not only helped people in need, but made people realise the Power of Physical Therapy.. 

      Physical therapy

      What does the word physical therapy really mean? Regardless of the fact that the word is self explainatory, people somehow correlate it to massage.. And the question, why so, still remains a mystery for me.. 

      Nevertheless, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, defines physical therapy as services to restore maximum movement and functional ability.. 

      But guess what, the day you see patients being treated you will realize its much more that we as physical therapists do, than just restoring maximum movement and functional ability.. 

      We are there in the icu, making patients move to help them improve, without even needing to prove.. Complications are kept at bay, when we, are here to stay.. 

      We help strentghen women, to make the process of taking care of the newborn free of physical stress.. 

      We help the elderly, age more gracefully, by making them realise that age is just a number, on life’s page to remember.. 

      We are who, make our patients forget what they don’t have and make them realise what they have.. We try to bring into light their strength, in order to make them forget their weaknesses.. And this is how we make things possible.. 

      We are who make our patients stronger, when they think so, no longer… 

      Physical therapy is the way of healing someone with not just your touch, but also with your words.. The reason I say so, is because often when we treat, we use words to motivate along with physical contact.. And trust me this works wonders.. We teach the patient, to never say i can’t and always say i can, which installs belief that helps them get better faster.. 

      We are no less than a motivational speaker for our patients… We motivate our patients to the point, where they start believing in themselves.. And that’s how we get things done.. 

      For days we spend time to teach our patients to stand, to walk the same way as parents do with their children.. No matter how many times it needs to be repeated, we are always there trying are best to get our patients moving.. Wonder how? Try and test our patience, with our patients.. 

      We make patients stand high, when their hopes our low.. 

      When we treat patients its not just about gaining range of motion or strength, its about gaining patients confidence in themselves and in us.. Its about making them satisfied with their level of functioning in their daily life.. 
      Our patients would tell you forever about our contribution in their journey to get better.. 

      We are who, whose uniforms soil making you realise how much we made our patients toil.. 

      We are who spent our lives, adding life to lives of our patients.. 

      We are physical therapists.. We heal the world with Physical therapy.. And thats our weapon.. That’s our strength..

      Physical therapy, is a profession where therapists spend days, weeks, months and years just to get their patients moving.. We spend so much time with our patients, working for long hours just to get them back to daily living and still end up with poor recognition even today.. 

      I guess we are too busy working to add worth to the lives of others.. But that’s all that our profession is all about.. 

      And hence our profession demands not just respect but recognition all over the world..

      Happy World Physiotherapy Day….