People are teachers..

Out of those many people you would meet in your life, some would be those whom you would wish to never have met..

But guess what, we need to realise that we all are a product of what happened and who made it happen.. Consider something bad that happened to you, that you wished never happened.. Now the fact that it happened, made you the way you are today.. Isnt it? 

For instance, someone who betrayed your trust, made you such that now you don’t trust people easily.. Well that’s gud .. Because now you wouldn’t really get fooled by someone in future like you did in your past.. 

Trust me each and every person you meet has something to teach you, it depends on you, if you make it a point to learn something from them or not.. 

I know it hurts, but you see you cant learn to ride a bicycle, unless you fall and get hurt.. Its just a part of life and we need to accept it gracefully.. 

Some people teach you what to do, and some what not to… 

Your job is to take your lesson, after all life is a lesson taught by people as teachers ..


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