Learn about karma..

I don’t know how but I came across this wonderful lady called BK Shivani and let me tell you I feel so lucky to have found her channel on YouTube.. Her videos have changed my thinking about life to an extent that I feel so positive right now that I feel like sharing this positivity with all my readers.. 💖

I would be sharing the link to one of her videos please use captions if you need to but do not ignore these videos.. It will change everything negative emotion that we contain in ourselves.. There are so many videos of hers and I am honestly going through them all.. And I would ask you to do the same… Please please watch these videos.. I’m sure it’s going to help you..

The world can change if follow these rules in our life and change our thinking the way she explains..

If you want to change Your Life you need to watch this..


Do share this video with everyone and not just your loved ones, especially your enemies..


The Doctor didn’t kill you..

So here is something that happened when i was there treating this patient in the ward.

I was standing next to the patient’s bed talking to her and I hear a young woman crying in the ward, in the background. So I turn around, to see a woman cry on a man’s chest who seemed like her father, realizing that a woman infront of them was being resuscitated, who seemed like a mother and a wife to them.

The moment I realised what was happening, I decided to turn around and get back to the conversation that had been left in the midst.. And the moment I did so, the cry in the background all of a sudden spoke a lot more than what words could have, it described the severity of the silence.

Someone was no more..

I take my patients x ray and hold it across the light pretending to read it just to hide those watery eyes, trying to swallow those emotions down the throat, cause shedding tears and expressing human emotions wearing that white coat, wasn’t allowed..

The reason to share this with you all is that I want to convey the fact that inspite of showing as if we don’t care, we really do. We do get affected by what happens because after all we are humans and we have a family too. Its just that after a point some people get immune to those feelings, and some are better in hiding theirs.

So its not our attitude, but the white coat that makes us wear the poker face. And let me tell you, this is the most difficult thing, that we are required to do. As I always say the white coat requires us to hide the human in us.

It’s a pathetic feeling that I get, every time I read the news of a doctor beaten up just because he couldn’t save a human life, but I’ll tell you what we aren’t the ones who decide who lives and who doesn’t. Its God who does.. All I know is that we try our best to use our knowledge that we have acquired over years of study and practice, and it’s quite shameful to realise that its not valued by people.

Doctors are here to help someone live and never to kill. Please respect what they do and believe in them, that they tried their best. And before holding a doctor responsible for a death, take into consideration all that the patient did to value his own life, take into consideration all that a patient did taking his health for granted..

It was never the doctor, it was always the smoke that you let enter your lungs, the alcohol that put inside your stomach by choice, the exercise which you never did, that extra sugar in your cup of tea that you chose to prefer, and not to forget the speed which you increased knowing it could be dangerous, without wearing a helmet.

I hope I made it clear as to who is responsible, for your life and now I feel it isn’t always God but sometimes its you and only you..

The quote that answered my question..

Days before I came across this wonderful quote

The wound is where, the light enters you

– Rumi

Never did I realise that this quote would answer the biggest question of my life that always bothered me..

Let me tell you what this quote means and how it answered my life’s question..

So being a sensitive person, I was always been told by people,

Ayushee, you should never get attached to your patients and get bothered by their suffering..

And I always used to feel a bit upset, about me not being able to control what I felt when i saw people suffer..

So when I came across this quote it didn’t make any sense other than the literal meaning of it, but then few days back I read the missing part of this quote..

I hope after reading things would get clear to you, the same way as they did to me

If they didn’t, let me explain..

The things in life that make you feel the pain and the sorrow are the things that bring in the change, which is the light. And pain and the sorrow depicts the wound..

Now you may ask what change?

Me being sensitive makes me feel my patients’ pain and this is my wound and this is what i was born to change.. Me helping them get rid of their suffering is the change, “the light”… The light that entered me, finally….

Isn’t this a beautiful quote?

And now I don’t get upset about feeling people’s pain cause now I know the reason behind it…

I hope I made you think like never before..

Balance your life using your 3 systems..

We humans use 3 systems for maintaining our body’s balance

  • Visual system
  • Vestibular system
  • Proprioceptive system

What is balance?

A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions..

These systems help us be in the path we need to be, they don’t let us fall, they keep us on the right path.. Without these systems working, its difficult to maintain our balance..

In the same exact way to bring balance in your life you need these 3 systems..

  • Visual – Meaning believe only what you see with your eyes.. Look at what is happening around.. Keep your eyes on your Goal and neglect your distractions.. Look at others and learn from what you see..

See what others fail to see, not what others see..

  • Vestibular – Meaning believe only what you hear with your ears.. Hear to what people say, but don’t get affected by it.. Be it good or bad.. Good things raise your pride, bad things may lower your esteem..

People talk because they have mouths, but our job isn’t to listen cause we have ears..

  • Proprioceptive – Believe what you feel.. Do not take any decision based on what others think is best for you.. Think and do what you feel is best for you.. That inner feeling of what’s right and wrong is what matters..

We all have that gut feeling, when we need it the most, why waste it then…?

You see, this is how these three systems help us achieve our balance in life.. You do not need to do things cause you see other people do them, you do not need to believe things cause you hear others say them, and you do not have to feel in a particular way just cause others do so about you.. Your life is yours.. Keep it to yourselves and this is how you get to maintain balance in your life..

When we let other people control these systems we loose our balance.. This loss of balance lets us loose our peace of mind.. So balance your 3 systems and take control of your lives..

I hope I made you think..

Time changes everything..

They say time changes everything.. Yes indeed it does.. It changes Not just the things around you, but sometimes the people around you..

I honestly have lost people who meant the most to me.. And by lost I mean they are physically there but mentally, not there.. Why do i say so..?

This is something I am sure we all face, as time passes by people change, their priorities change, the time they spent with you is replaced by others.. Isn’t it..? But honestly speaking you can never control anyone else’s life.. People change, let them.. I know it hurts, we are humans after all.. But then you know they say.. What goes around comes back.. So your job is to let go people.. Let them loose.. People who really want to stay, will never leave.. And these are the kind of people worth keeping around..

And the ones who don’t will surely come back one day, the only difference being that day you will be the one that won’t care.. You would have moved on.. You know why? Cause time changes everything…

And what goes around comes back..

What have you decided to do with your life?

“All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us” – Gandalf, LOTR.

I read this quote and it touched my heart and this is why thought of sharing it with all my readers..

It has a deeper meaning to it.. I love such quotes, that get you thinking..

So this quote made me think and check upon myself as to what i am doing right now in my life.. I’ll be honest with you, there is so much I have in my mind going on right now.. I’m just waiting for the right moment to get myself out there..

The question as to what I plan to do and how, is something that I don’t want to answer now, but I have something to tell you apart from this..

The day you are on the right path that is meant for you, that will be the day when every damn thing that happens in your life, will make sense.. If you have ever read my blog’s “about” page, then you might know that I have a vision.. A vision that isn’t for myself and my family but for the world.. I know my dreams are big, but you know they say you need to aim higher.. So here I am doing the same.. Here’s why I am telling you this..

Out of the many things that my patients and my profession has taught me, one was that It made me realise that every single person is here for something.. And its upto you to find your reason.. Reason to be breathing on this earth.. This is what we were born for..

Take a look at all those inspirations of yours, all those people whom you admire did something, no one else did before.. That made others look upto them and not to forget they gave back something to the world.. So ideally we all should be doing something with our lives right? The question is, are we doing so?

Sadly no.. Now the question is why don’t we?

Maybe because no one told us we needed to do something.. This wasn’t surely taught in school..

So now the big question is, if you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing, then what are you doing? – a question I would like to ask all my readers..

Let me tell you, Its just ONE life.. A life that is not too big, but big enough to do something that matters.. DON’T LET IT GO IN VAIN.. Make the best out of your life before its too late..

I hope I made you think….

Guest post 1 – GRATITUDE

This post is by Mamta Sehgal, the author of the book, THE PERENNIAL Journey, a wonderful writer whose thoughts have impressed me to the extent where I had to ask her for a guest post.. Do check out her blog.. Here is the link to my favourite posts by her.. Please check it out..

Link – https://ascerblog.xyz/2018/02/15/the-wound-is-the-place-where-the-light-enters-you/

Link to her blog – https://wp.me/p5O1kw-cS

My main aim behind asking people to guest post is that I want them to share their thoughts and enlighten my readers.. I want to provide the best to all my readers.. So here it is.. Bloggers connect to provide value to their readers..


We human beings, have the tendency of grumbling over a lot of things we do not possess and for the many things we cannot do. We are absolutely ungrateful in all our actions and never reach the stage of complete contentment .We are always engrossed in petty issues, never
realizing how we are losing every single second of the precious life that we are bestowed upon by the Power above us.

In the journey we go through, we take for granted a lot of things that we possess and a lot of other things that are present in our surroundings.
The first and the foremost is this life that we have; we never realize how blessed we are to
have a human life .We could have been born like any other species leading a life in filth or
any other adverse environment.
The second is the situation we are born in, it could have been a place; where even today,people do not have the basic amenities, proper sanitation ,food, medical facilities & a
lot of other essential. We should never think that people born in those conditions are different
than us; it’s just that we are plain lucky.
The third most important element that we all tend to forget is the abundance that nature is
showering on us; natural light, air, greenery and water that it is giving us for free. The
absence of even one of these will make our life difficult, but we are still impercipient & oblivious to all those gifts.
The fourth element is our ability to lead a healthy life without any physical disability, because
we never realize how even a smallest flaw in our physical condition could make living so difficult. Have we ever imagined a life without the power to see , hear ,talk, walk ,breathe or
eat properly? In the night, try to close your eyes for few seconds just to understand the feeling of a blind person. How does one feels when he/she cannot hear all the amazing sounds in the environment, cannot laugh at the jokes or enjoy a good music? It is a terrible feeling. How in
spite of having everything one cannot enjoy the food ? How a physical disability can restrict the movements & restricts an individual from leading a normal life?
We never visualize the fact that without these physical attributes we would have missed on so much that we are bequeathed upon. So never take for granted all that nature has given us, be thankful and show your gratitude towards the Almighty with each passing breath.

Mamta Sehgal